Who's using data visualization at UChicago?

This year, the UChicago Data Visualization Challenge asks students to uncover important patterns through visualizing social science data. However, the core principles that guide the imaging of social science data extend far into other fields and may provide inspiration and guidance. Several groups and faculty at UChicago use computational imaging and data visualization in their work everyday, and we present to you a handful to help you in your exploration of data visualization.

Jason Salavon in the Department of Visual Arts visualizes data and computation in his art to create beautiful work. See the artistic side of data in his online portfolio.

Gordon Kindlmann in the Department of Computer Science researches scientific visualization and image analysis in the field of biomedicine. See visualizations in his recent publications.

Michael Vannier in the Department of Radiology has pioneered in the use of computers and the data they collect to better image and visualize important health processes. Check out his upcoming lecture Diffusion MRI of Traumatic Brain Injury on May 8 at 3pm. See the event on the UChicago calendar.