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Finished work submission form

Use this form to submit your proposal for a data visualization.  Be sure you've read and understood all of the requirements.

Contact email for the visualization entry
For each contributor, please include full name and biography of 50 words or fewer
Format: PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, or SVG Size: No larger than 1200px x 800px, 72ppi preferred The image file should stand alone and be understandable without any supporting documentation. Please make sure the image itself includes a title and some sort of caption or descriptive text that contextualizes the visualization. If the visualization is from a website, please provide a representative screen shot of the key visualizatoins. For interactive visualizations, please provide a screenshot of your visualization in action.
If your visualization is hosted on a website, list the URL.
A brief description of visualization. Be sure to answer these questions: What is the context for the visualization? What data sets does it use? Why was the visualization created?
Confirm that you've read and understood the rules of the UChicago Data Visualization Challenge.