Submit a Visualization Proposal

Visualization proposal submission form

Use this form to submit your proposal for a data visualization.  Be sure you've read and understood all of the requirements.

Contact email for the visualization entry
A brief description of visualization. Be sure to answer these questions: What is the context for the visualization? Why will your visualization matter?
Who will be the most interested/benefit the most from a visualization of data? Which journals/websites/newsletters would be best suited for disseminating your visualization? List all audiences that apply.
If your visualization relies on publicly available datasets, please describe the dataset and provide the URL to it. (e.g. Chicago Flu Shot locations
If your visualization relies on data sets that are not publicly available, please supply the remaining data here. If you've used multiple files, zip them first, and upload the zip file.
For the datasets you've provided, what are the key insights apparent in the data from a statistical standpoint? What are the key points you'd like to get across in the visualization based on this data? (e.g. US residents spend less money on automobiles on the East Coast.)
If you've got a general sense of what you've got in mind, include a picture of a sketch. (Don't worry, we won't count your art skills against you!)
Use this section to include any details that aren't covered in the other entry fields. If you have thought of variations on a theme, ideas for getting the visualization implemented, other collaborators and partners, talk about it here.
Confirm that you've read and understood the rules of the UChicago Data Visualization Challenge.